ABC on oilsDefinitions and characteristics How is oil found and extracted? Use of oils Quantities: Extraction, production, consumption, discharges into the marine environment

Sources How do oil products become pollutants in the coastal and marine environment? Natural sources Land-based sources Sea-based sources

Effects What happens with oils in water? Oil damage in the coastal and marine environment: Wildlife - Habitats - Human health - Economy

Measures Ways to combat (response techniques) and prevent oil pollution in the marine environment. Prevention on land Prevention at sea Combatting/Response at sea Combatting/Response in the coastal zone (sea-land interface)

FAQ Frequently asked questions on oil pollution in the coastal and marine environment.

Oils glossary Brief explanations of about 100 oil-related words and terms, with links to more information

Read more List of web sites of organizations with much information on oil and marine oil pollution issues

Related issues Brief information on other shipping-related issues/problems (airborne and waterborne pollutants) that affect the coastal and marine environment.